The Ford Escape is a great car with many different features that make it an excellent choice for most drivers. The ride quality of the vehicle is one of its standout features, as well as the spacious cabin and large trunk. But there are other convenience features that help set the vehicle apart from others in this competitive segment.

The first Ford Escape's unique convenience feature is the availability rotary shift gear dial. The rotary dial allows drivers to easily shift gears without taking their eyes off of the road or having to take their hands away from the steering wheel. The availability of an infotainment system allows you to control all your media playback from a single place. There is also a cruise control which is easy to use, with the controls built into the steering wheel.

The Ford Escape offers drivers from Londonderry, NH a seamless driving experience. Ready to initiate your purchase come to Ford of Londonderry, the number one Ford destination in Londonderry, NH.

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