Do you spend your winter nights curled up with hot cocoa and a movie or do you spend it in a truck for more than 36 hours working to make sure that the roads and parking lots are free of snow and safe to drive? If you are the person working hard to make sure our streets are safe to drive on, then you may want to keep reading as this information may help you.

Here at Ford of Londonderry in Londonderry, NH we know all the hard work that snowplow drivers do night in and night out during the winter and understand that they need to have 100% confidence in their truck and equipment. At our dealership we are proud to be selling Ford trucks that come pre-outfitted with either BOSS snow removal equipment or Fisher Engineering snow removal equipment. With either choice you know you are getting a tough and dependable truck with a tough and dependable snowplow or spreader.

When you buy a truck outfitted with snow removal equipment from us we will make sure that you know how to use it properly to avoid hurting yourself as well as avoid damaging your new Ford truck. If you are in the market for a new Ford truck that can help you quickly clean up the nastiest of winter's wrath, come on over to 33 Nashua Rd, RT 102, and come take a look at our selection of new plow trucks.

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